Sanaedhel means: The hybrid of an Elf and a vampire. These can only be created by a male vampire, female elf or two Sanaedhels. These vampire-like creatures have the power of the vampires, but they don’t need blood. They possess the soft steps and wisdom of an elf, but not the need for blood. These people consider themselves to be a separate race, and they tend to remain private. They are difficult to trust because they receive ridicule from the vampires as well as the elves. These people have vampire teeth and ears. Because of their distrustful nature, they are prone to avoid looking at strangers in the eyes. They are usually very close to very few people. They prefer peace and avoid fighting. They don’t like violence. They hold onto their hope of peace and acceptance. p.s. The Sanaedhel dh is pronounced like a soft, as in the word This. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mateo Pastor)