Samsara means: Samsaras are creative, imaginative and quirky people with many friends. Samsaras are known for their beautiful curly hair, great humor and lovely sense of humor. Samara is loyal to her friends and would not trust anyone if she lost her trust. Samsaras are known for having a fiery temper. They can also be picky. Samsaras can be very private and secretive. Samsaras are often in love books and feel that they are her life. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fátima Santiago)

What else does Samsara mean?

  • Samsara is one of the most fascinating people that you’ve ever met Although she is very strict in her studies, she is also the best friend. Although she tries to conceal her pain, her closest friends and family are very aware of it. Samsara is a unique individual Although she is an intelligent girl, it’s likely that she has friends who laugh at her jokes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Iris Duke)
  • Rotation of uncountability about a central point that creates physical space. (in Community Dictionary, added by Clarence Hurst)
  • She is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Her heart is big and her smile is infectious. But don’t let that fool you, she has large feet. (in Community Dictionary, added by Onanism)
  • All sentient beings are subject to the endless cycle of death and birth, except for those who have achieved Nirvana. (in Community Dictionary, added by John Rice)
  • Hinduism Buddhism It is the eternal cycle of death, suffering, birth and rebirth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Evaristo Hidalgo)
  • Sequence of Change, Impermanence, The Cycle of Rebirth-Redeath, which afflicts all living creatures until the release Moksha. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marciano Blanco)
  • It is the eternal cycle of death, suffering, birth and rebirth. (in AZ Dictionary)