Samira means: A beautiful girl, who may just be the best caring person you will ever meet. She will make sure you are happy if you love her and she is a good friend. Your life will be like paradise. Her face is stunning and her lips are perfect for kissing. It’s easy to get along with her, it’s fun to talk to her. You are very fortunate to have Samira show interest in you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Encarnación Moreno)

What else does Samira mean?

  • The Princess of the Night. You will not be bored with his beautiful brown eyes or laugh. Crazy but wise. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ricardo Cabrera)
  • Her smile and eyes are adorable. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aryanna Goodwin)
  • Only the best girls are out there Her beauty, intelligence, love, and caring qualities are unmatched You’ll never meet someone like her. Even if her eyes are brown, they will seduce you and make you forget everything you thought you would say. You will fall in love instantly with her when you first meet her. That’s exactly what happened to me I just want to find out if she is feeling the same. (in Community Dictionary, added by Travis Gonzalez)
  • She is amazing. My broken heart was taken apart by her and she put it back together with my love. This was a wonderful, amazing and most importantly, incredibly lucky experience. Her two beautiful brown eyes are adorable and so caring. She’s a true sweetheart. If I lose her. This would be a loss of my happiness, joy, mood, love, and world. To me, she means everything. She can sometimes be annoying with her stupidity. As long as we have that connection that brings us back together and my love for Angel, I will never be able be mad at her. Samira, I love you so very much. Babygirl. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aidan Knox)
  • Samira is sweet, caring and loving. She can be shy at times but she’s very affectionate. You won’t find another Samira like her. She’s smart, caring and hard-working. Her smile and laughter are so cute. (in Community Dictionary, added by Blake Howard)
  • Samira is a remarkable person. She may appear shy, quiet and conceited at first but she is not. Samira is kind, compassionate, intelligent, funny, a little wild, and much more. But don’t get mad at her. Girls named Samira love to laugh and are beautiful. Their minds are also the most twisted. Samira is the most interesting person in the world and everyone wants to be her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Juan Blesa)