salesianum means: One school in Wilmington DE that tried to compensate for its inferior students by being less open to students from other schools. Contrast this with St. Mark’s where all students are welcome to study in a respected private college. Because they have an unfair advantage in athletics, they assume they are better than others. Oh, sallies. Perhaps one day, you will understand. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fartsdump)

What else does salesianum mean?

  • High school located in Wilmington, Delaware. It is a slut at life and must get its act together. It is often described as an institution that prepares students for college, but it really amounts to a four-year sausage feast. The Sallies boys like to believe they are better than students from Tatnall. They are wrong in this, however, because Tatnall students tend to be smarter, more beautiful, and cleaner than their classmates. Sallies has one advantage: They believe that one day a meteor will crash into Earth and kill all of Sallies, and their occupants. Mkay. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reuben Whitaker)
  • OMG, that’s the last man for real Sally! These guys think they’re God’s gift to women. You guys, dream on. Only Padua and Ursuline girls would be willing to date you – they just don’t know better. They must avoid any contact with the other sex and, as you can see, it really does fuck up a person. A stellar academic education is also available at St. Mark’s. It offers double the A.P.s of yours, five phases to yours, and helps students become people who are able to function in real life – not men who drop their jaws when they see a woman. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charlotte Rodriguez)
  • Salesianum School in Wilmington Delaware is a private secondary school. It is managed by Oblates de St. Francis de Sales, and it is all-male school. This entry will dispel some myths about sallies that have been floating around the site by ignorant people. First of Sallies has five phases. Phases 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5AP. Sallies was also named as one of America’s top 50 Catholic high schools for three consecutive years, and again in 2004, It is unlikely that St. Marks was ever included in this list. Sallies also has 104 sports championships, compared with St. Marks’s 42 boys and 44 girls. Most collages around the tri-state area would choose a Sallies guy over any other school in Delaware. People also say that sallies are a huge sausage festival. According to the site, a sausage fest refers to a group in which the men outnumber the girls. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brainstorm)
  • The school is a prominent secondary school located in Wilmington, DE. It offers a higher education than most other Delaware schools. The school’s reputation is unmatched. When you get married, or cry, “Salesianum Alumnus”, will appear in every newspaper. This is rare, if not ever, with St. Marks graduates, Tatnall and Tower Hill. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ethan Marshall)