Ryche means: It’s a random player. It will not say anything that isn’t obvious. It likes jalapeno items. It is addicted to mmorpgs, and is the ‘other thing’ in the game. It is a very active creature, and it rarely sleeps. When it does, it gets up late for class. It doesn’t have a job. It lives in the cave below its parents’ house. It…It…It…It’s not queensryche or that artist. We all praise the douchebag, and it is. Also called “Mountain Dew-sh Bag”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paulina Lee)

What else does Ryche mean?

  • Noun An extremely skilled MMORPG player, who may not be in your team, but can still do well. Although it is not always used in a positive way, the usage of this term can be confusing. This is often used to denote an enemy player that is very difficult to kill, fight against or defeat. However, it does not mean someone you or your team would publicly recognize as possessing skills. A person who speaks in an odd or obtuse manner on forums. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darryl Barrera)