Rusty Venture means: If you masturbate so often that your dick turns a red. -Brock Samson. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paula Rey)

What else does Rusty Venture mean?

  • The Venture Bros. has named the main character of their sex move, “The Venture Bros. Sex Move.” You can find many definitions of it: 1. When your fingers are wrapped around the man’s sex while you tug at his mouth. Two guys who are 69 years old and have cum in their mouths, should turn the other cheeks then blow cum into his sockholes. 3. Take a snorkel, and then put it in your mouth. Then, you take the other end and sneak it up to your back. Finally, you push the snorkel up into your stomach and then jerk off. 4. Fucking a man means that you stick your hands up to his ans and rub it on him. Five Straight moves: If you’re taking a woman out to a big dinner, don’t allow her to go in the kitchen. You then have anal sex with your girl and she poops all over you. You rub her back right after you take off. This is called the “Rusty” part. You eat the junk from her back with your fingers. 6. When your dick is all red from excessive jerking, it can cause severe pain. (in Community Dictionary, added by Moses Henson)
  • An act of sex. There are many definitions, depending on where you live in America. However, it is generally synonymous with homosexual male sex. This term was probably created by the “Horace Gentlemen”, a group from Provincetown, Massachusetts, in the 1980s. They almost always disagree on the exact meaning of The Rusty Venture when it comes up in conversation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Faith Warner)
  • It’s the moment when a man jerks so hard his dick becomes all red and sore. This is from “The Venture Brothers” Adult Swim Comedy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Phillip Herring)
  • This is a specific act of sexual activity, which was possibly invented by Tennessee Williams and Colonel Horace Gentleman back in P-Town. Although the exact definition of a “Rusty Venture”, is not known, there are many possible explanations. Not all descriptions are for gay acts. 1. Your dick will get all red and sore from the constant jerking. It is widely believed that Brock has the true description of the act, as it could be Rusty’s own. 2. You can take one of your fingers and make him spit it all over his body while you do the same to his mouth. Description by The Alchemist 3. A Snake Venom – Shoreleave’s description 4. A Double Frogman – Colonel Gentleman’s description 5. You can fist men by opening your hands and grabbing their sexes. You rub his bottom with whatever you have. – Watch’s description 6. You take your girl to a big dinner, but don’t allow her to use the bathroom. You then have anal sex with your girl and she poops all over you. Right as she’s about to leave, grab your dick and go all out on her. This is the tough part. You eat the junk from her back with your fingers. Ward’s description 7. Handjob that includes rubbing the shit on a man’s dick and a turkey butter. Both parties then eat their way through something in the bathtub. – Triana’s description. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kimberly Gregory)