russian candy cane means: You can chow inside a girl and get her to sex. (in Community Dictionary, added by Landen Chavez)

What else does russian candy cane mean?

  • An old condom that has been filled with layers of male excrement and period blood. This is frozen to be used for a dilo. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carmelo Parra)
  • A girl receiving oral sex. The male ends the climax by pulling the penis from his mouth and kissing the female. He then punches the female in her nose with enough force to draw blood. A Russian candy cane is made from a mixture of red and white. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovani Maxwell)
  • If a man has had sex during his period with a woman, it is bloody. He pulls out his dick and let the cum drip down on him. He then makes his girl ass-fuck him earlier to give her extra self-esteem. Then, he wipes any blood cum mixture from her back, so she cannot get it out. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ana Garrido)
  • An act of sexual intimacy between a male or female while she is having her period. The penis becomes reddened with blood. Next, the male ejaculating occurs. This causes his penis whiten with sperm. The penis now looks like a candy candy cane and is white with sperm. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jorge Cruz)
  • Proccess of having sexual intercourse during a girl’s period. She then pulls out her dick bloddy, and she ejaculates in her mouth before putting your dick on her for a red-and-white dick. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darren Fox)