rule 303 means: Martin Herrity’s story in a short version: You can do anything if you have the money. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marcos Sáez)

What else does rule 303 mean?

  • Harry “Breaker”, an Englishman who lived in Australia in the beginning of the 20th Century, made Rule 303 famous. He enlisted with the Australian Armed Forces as a volunteer to fight the Boer’s in South Africa. British policy was to inform their Boer commanders that any Boer wearing khaki, the British uniform had been changed. To deter them from trying to kill Morant’s friend by Boer commandos, Morant established a firing squad and shot the men dead without any hearing. Morant, along with two other men were charged in the murder of Morant after peace was declared. He was assisted by the Head of South Africa’s Brisih Army. The court asked Morant under which rule or right he killed the men. He answered, “Rule 303” meaning that he used the Lee Enfield.303 rifle at the time. He meant that he killed them because he was able to and had all the authority. (in Community Dictionary, added by Blackguard)