Ruby Tuesday means: This is a very toothy blowjob. It can even cause bleeding. It could also mean that your penis is bitten. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leia Gordon)

What else does Ruby Tuesday mean?

  • V. to fart at a public location. (in Community Dictionary, added by Johan Evans)
  • A man kisses his girlfriend and puts lipstick on her lips, leaving marks around her mouth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alejandra Baird)
  • One man is accused of snorting cocaine from another’s penis. Higher highs are experienced the longer you have your penis. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mawkish)
  • An act of sexual intimacy that involves one person vomiting on the scrotum of a male partner. Originating at Ruby Tuesday’s in Texas while the Ruby Tuesday song was being played, the etymology for the name derives its origine. Unnamed senator went to the toilet to get a deuce. He was met by a drunken gay representative, who attempted to indulge in fellatio. The senator was so drunk that the representative couldn’t do much but vomit on his balls before he went to the toilet. Although the act of attempting fellatio is at the core accidental, certain subcultures have adopted and accepted the Ruby Tuesday greeting as a traditional greeting. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yosef Bailey)
  • You fuck chicks on their period. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stella Chan)