rotisserating means: Rotisserating is a sexual position that’s similar to the spitroast. It involves two males and one female. To increase team bonding between male friends, the midgets are used instead of a large female. Rotisserating is the act where the midget lies on its back and receives anal or vaginal penetration. The males then give the female pleasure by giving it oral pleasure. The males will stand on their heels when they feel at ease and lift the midget off the ground. Both the men and the midget need to be strong, since the bulk of weight will go towards the penis. The male rotates the middleget in a way that looks like a whole chicken on the rotisserie. This gives the males pleasure and allows them to enjoy the experience without having to thrust. After the midget is “cooked”, the males will ejaculate the entire midget to create the “gravy sauce”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tripp Carroll)