rose petal means: Submissive girl that is very femininedelicate. She seeks full-time or nearly-full-time ds relationships in which any “BDSM” play is minimal and where the emphasis is on the emotions. Because they don’t see their nakedness as being provocative, rose petals are more open about it than other submissives babygirls or slaves. Accessory jewelry such as lock-shaped necklaces or lace choker necklaces is a common way to show this. Rose petals aim to emulate the romantic interests of VictorianEdwardian or fantasy authors, who tend to be reserved and gracious. Rose petals, unlike other submissives do not like being humiliated or severely injured by their dominant partners. They see dominantsubmissive relationships as romantic and beautiful. Submissive women are usually looking for a submissive man who is sophisticated, romantic and has a mysterious edge. The rose petals can be very nurturing and soothing if they have the right partner. They seek safety and emotional guidance in return. This should not be confused with babygirls or “occasional” kinksters. Rose petals are just as proud of themselves as their dominant partners. Therefore, they don’t often use pronoun capitalization or titles. (in Community Dictionary, added by Epifanía Medina)

What else does rose petal mean?

  • Place one’s pubic hair on the bed, and then have an intercourse. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rhys Wall)
  • To inflict injury by twisting broken bottles into skin. (in Community Dictionary, added by Balduino Medina)
  • 1. One part of a rose. 2. A tiny, delicate twat. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zaiden Casey)