rooski means: The rooski has a small, brown-haired body. The rooski is a small, brown-haired island native. They are known for having wild and energy-filled personality traits. The rooski can experience a range of emotions, including sadness or joy. These feelings could last for hours, but you get my point. No need to define the place where the rooski now lives. Bread, marinara and occasionally salads are the mainstays of the rooski’s diet. The rooski may try anything other than bread sticks but will likely eat it after only a few bites. You can hear the rooksi squeal across hallways. Although the sound is not dangerous, it can be heard throughout hallways. The rooksi, despite its emotional defaults is intelligent, friendly, and perfectly able to ignore them. The rooski also loves the Dali da. It is amazing and everyone loves it. end. (in Community Dictionary, added by Claudio Montoro)