Roofagra means: Roofagra can be described as a mix of viagra and rohypnol Roofies. Mix it in a drink to cause a man’s unconsciousness. The viagra is added to the drink and the man becomes unconscious. It is possible for women to rape men with this creative combination. This is especially true when the man wants the girl but the woman can’t find him. The woman, often insane and sometimes suicidal, who calls you every day at work to talk to you about your problems. After she lost patience with masturbation, she is often ugly and once was divorced. She is dangerous, and even all of the sex she has in her SM wardrobe will not be enough to satisfy her desire to fuck your. If she keeps calling you, even after you have called the police, you need to get rid of your alcohol and never leave your eyes open for her. She will make you feel like a roofagra. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aidan Knox)