Rog means: Kurz form of “Roger”, as in Roger Roger. (in Community Dictionary, added by John Rice)

What else does Rog mean?

  • The person that is both a Rat- and Dog mix. (in Community Dictionary, added by Addison Mosley)
  • Codeword secret meaning “ugly, disgusting or just plain bad”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryann Berry)
  • In an instant messaging conversation, to suddenly cease responding. It is best to be incorporated into sentences already in use. For an official Rog to be eligible, one must remain silent for at least five minutes. You can say “brb” to prevent Rogs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Inocencio Álvarez)
  • Rogs are an older person with little or no hair, and often over 50. It can be male or female. A Rog is primarily male. Females would have grey hair and be older. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zaiden Casey)
  • Abbreviation for “roger that”, or “roger.” Use radio code to inform the other party you have received or understood the message. It can also be used between 2 or more persons in person, however, if it is used via text messaging most people will not understand, because they are dumb. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ralph Holder)
  • An “Rog”, or someone who isn’t a fan of brewing, is someone who does not like beer. A “Rog”, as it is sometimes called, refers to a “single individual who commits an act of Nultonry at one time or place.” It can also be explained by such behaviors as hatred of: the tasting of brews or the consumption of them, love of them, intoxication, and so on. You may occasionally see a “teamrog” even though it is rare to observe in nature. It refers to “two or more persons engaging in Nultonry at one time or another.” Refer to the Facebook group “I LOVE BREWS”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leopoldo Santiago)