Roast Beef Vagina means: Vagina with labia that looks like it came from Arby’s beef and cheddar. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aresio Velasco)

What else does Roast Beef Vagina mean?

  • If the female vagina looks more like a few slices of roast beef than a couple of pieces of chicken, it can often give off an unpleasant odor that smells of dog shit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Enrique Delgado)
  • One term used in cullinary circles is a roast beef vagina. It consists of the following: 1 Vagina Wide-Set 2 lb. Roast beef 12 cups of mashed potatoes Camel toe in a pinch Mama’s Homestyle Erotic Gravy in a large serving Mix the ingridents with your girlfriendsister and then add them to your mouth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovany Jimenez)