Rio Linda means: Rio Linda, a small town located near the California border, is made up mostly of horse pastures and farmland. Rio Linda is known for being a small town full of meth-heads and white trash people. Rush Limbaugh is a television host that refers to Rio Linds residents as being slow and downright stupid. He offered years ago to live in Rio Linda and give the area publicity, on condition that it be named after him. He refused, and has been causing Rio Linda to be a negative name ever since. (in Community Dictionary, added by Teófanes González)

What else does Rio Linda mean?

  • Rio Linda actually refers to northern Sacramento. It is home to many little bikers, who are often boys riding bicycles. This is why Sacramento is known as a cow-town. Because of the methheads and drunks in the region, housing is very expensive. Contradictory lifestyles…..racist against blacks yet they try to look and act like them. They also try to make others look better than they are, when in reality it’s mostly made of white trash. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaqueline Haney)
  • A term is usually preceded by the phrase “for those who are in.” . .” Rush Limbaugh, a nationally recognized radio host and talkshow host used this phrase to mock people not very bright. Based on a community located in West Sacramento California that Rush joked about as mentally slow, out-of-touch, or backward. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cocksure)