revagination means: Any medical or surgical procedure that improves the intimacy between a woman and her body, such as: vaginal, vaginal, and vulvar radiofrequency treatment, filler infiltration, vulvar biostimulation, and endovaginal laser therapies. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kendrick Holder)

What else does revagination mean?

  • Operation to repair the damage caused by years of abuse, overuse and then the vaginal wall. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carolyn Robinson)
  • 1. The act of two to three women having a casual, or even comedic, conversation outdoors in nature. This relieves stress and clears the mind from all of its everyday junk. 2. A woman who is able to take time for herself, such as to meditate, regroup, ground, or connect with her self. Revaginate. Revagination. Revaginating. (in Community Dictionary, added by Valeria Hart)