rest in pepperoni means: You lose everything. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gregorio Gutiérrez)

What else does rest in pepperoni mean?

  • Basically, it refers to the reduction of value. (in Community Dictionary, added by Diana Dennis)
  • The middle of the herd term Rest in pepperoni refers to a death usually occurring during a videogame. This is the scale: People who share everything cat. Youtube videos, tweets, and everything. Casuals can use Rest in Peace. They play Mario Cart or another simple game. The 360 No Scousers who perform the YY 360 Dorrito Shrek Shot have Rest in Pepperoni. Resterino In Pepperino – Used by creeps. The most frequent culprits include neckbeards and broneys. Kyle: Kyle, Wow! Every time i bowl I throw gutterball after gutterball Jake: I throw strikes after strikes in Pepperoni. Greg: I’m so happy that I have finally got every Club Penguin item. Resterino in Pepperino game It’s time to play ToonTown. (in Community Dictionary, added by Patrick Wilcox)