Repressed means: Repressing your true emotions is a method of coping with life. It doesn’t have to disappoint the people around you. This is usually a leader type person, who can be trusted, even in difficult situations. Artists often find that repressed emotions can lead to creativity and innovation. They must discover a way they can express themselves, as they are unable to communicate their emotions in the same way. OPERATE: Mothers who panic when their children are hurt make the error of reacting too quickly, causing unnecessary stress for the baby. They over-cling to their mother because she doesn’t have a friend, and delay their growth so that they don’t feel lonely once the baby is independent. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zaniyah Lawrence)

What else does Repressed mean?

  • The system’s violence can make you feel irritated. (in Community Dictionary, added by Irene Figueroa)
  • One who is afraid to try different things, or who remains stuck within a routine, (in Community Dictionary, added by Bo Hendricks)