Rednexican means: 1.A redneck who tries to become mexican. I.E. I.E. clothing, food and low-rider… 2. The reverse: A Mexican trying to become a Redneck. A Ford truck driver who likes leather, boots and a cowboy hat. (in Community Dictionary, added by Enrique Berg)

What else does Rednexican mean?

  • Mexican-American Redneck with traits similar to those of a Redneck in America. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darryl Chase)
  • An uneducated, trashy white woman who dates Hispanic men and has the magical ability via sperm-osmosis to learn perfect Spanish. These women often start out dating Black men but soon realize the Hispanic men they are able to date is not as offensive. (in Community Dictionary, added by Terrance Lucero)
  • Rednexicans are a special Mexican American breed. Rednexicans are known for their ability to grow up in rural areas, often in single-wide trailers or mobile homes. They may be able to recognize the lyrics of many songs from country, as well as every Banda or Corrido song. These skills include being able to use jean shorts and huaraches to weed eat, as well as wood-chopping skills without gloves. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wombat)
  • Rednexican: A person with Mexican-American heritage who, through either the influence of living many years in the south or through natural inclination, exhibits redneck characteristics along with his cultural heritage. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lilianna Ingram)
  • Mexican-American with Redneck tendencies. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hassan Preston)