redding california means: Redding, a small city in northern California is far from major cities. They are located more than 2 hours from shithole sacramento, so they don’t have to contend with crowds and traffic as often as people in cities. This is why many city residents have made the move up there. The 90 residents are white, while the 10 others are mostly whitewashed. However they do love their minority neighbors. It is home to okie rednecks and hillbillies as well as stoners and tweekers. There are also sluts for every imaginable age group, including sluts, yuppies jesus freaks scenesters, hipsters and wanna-be criminal gangsters. It’s hot and famous for that, even though it is only 3 degrees warmer than other valley towns in California. They have 10 minutes away from some of the most dangerous lakes in California. There are better outdoor recreation activities like hunting, fishing, and camping up there than any other place in California. Redding is surrounded by lakes, rivers and mountains. The sac river flows right through the town giving it amazing scenery. Redding, which is located in the central valley between Bakersfield and Redding, is a great place to call home. Palo Cedro is a great place to call home. Anderson and Shasta Lake City are two of the less-than-great towns near Redding. However, they’re not too terrible. There is plenty to do in these towns. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucille Vargas)