Red Shift means: This is the week your girl has her period. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adriel Kirk)

What else does Red Shift mean?

  • N. Political change in America in favor of conservatism. This refers to 2004’s election with George Bush’s re-election and John Kerry’s loss, great gains for Republicans at the House and Senate and the vote to amend the constitutions in 11 states that outlaw gay marriage. It is not a good thing or a bad thing, but for me Red Shift has been a blessing that trumps my centrist views. This refers to the blue states being pro-GoP and the red state being pro-Dems. Blue Shift. (in Community Dictionary, added by Giovanni Michael)
  • Doppler effects are responsible for the reddening of distant galaxies’ light and decreasing frequency. This indicates that they are moving away. Red shift may also occur via the expansion of empty space as seen in expanding universe. Blue shift is the opposite. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ari Campbell)
  • A Doppler effect is a rise in wavelengths of radiation from celestial bodies. (in AZ Dictionary)