red pill means: The red pill refers to the idea that corporate media presents truth as truth, but is actually a deliberately constructed narrative meant to maintain power for some extremely unpleasant individuals. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fisher Jacobson)

What else does red pill mean?

  • This is your final chance. There is no going back after this. The blue pill is the end of the story. You can lie down in bed, believe what you like and go to sleep. The red pill is for you: You stay in Wonderland, and I will show you the depths of the rabbit hole. Morpheus and The Matrix Cyberculture has made the term “Red Pill” a household name. It signifies freedom of thought and an awakening from your normal life filled with ignorance and sloth. Red pills will not tolerate the truth no matter how painful or gritty it might be. (in Community Dictionary, added by Valerie Hamilton)