Recliner means: Sexual position He is lying on his back, with his feet flat on the ground and his knees up in the air. He places his back on the woman and inserts his elbows into her. He does regular doggy-style thrusting. Because of the angle and penetration, this recliner can be used for stimulation of g-spots. (in Community Dictionary, added by Magdalena Crespo)

What else does Recliner mean?

  • He then sits down in the reclining chair. He reclines as much as possible once he is in the chair. He positions himself above the female and proceeds to rock back, forward propelling his candy cane into and out of her. It is possible to revere the male and female positions by making the reverse recliner, probiding that the female has a strap. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kale Rhodes)
  • Fucking next to other people is something every man desires. (in Community Dictionary, added by Giovanna Lambert)
  • Retired person. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A bicycle or armchair that is adjustable so the user can recline. (in AZ Dictionary)