Realm means: An realm is an individual whose existence is limited to being pointless, irritating and basic. In every friendship group there is a realm whose sole purpose it is to laugh at their fellow humans. The term “realmites”, which is a collective name for a number of them, seems to be apt. (in Community Dictionary, added by Polylith)

What else does Realm mean?

  • A different dimension, or even a universe could possibly refer to another life. (in Community Dictionary, added by Damon Lester)
  • Spirituality is a state of mind A place in the astral plane that promotes peace of mind and wellbeing The term realm refers to an unarthly environment that is either positive or negative. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alejandra Brewer)
  • A territory or community over which a sovereign has control; a kingdom. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A sphere or area of activity or knowledge: synonym : Field . (in AZ Dictionary)