Ratboy means: A person who is ugly but that everyone likes. Has few friends. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nick Boone)

What else does Ratboy mean?

  • An extremely young individual who spends all his time playing online games. These people are typically between the ages of 4-12 years old, with a lack of experience in life and irritating voices that have a high pitch. They are spoiled little slobs who act aggressively toward older players. They will insult you if they sense that they are being threatened. However, if they feel threatened, they may run or cry, and then tell their parents. Minecraft and League of Legends are the most well-known ratboy nests. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luridtron99)
  • 1.A male with a lot of ugly features. Usually, his appearance is male and includes large eyes, square teeth, and large appendages. He avoids sunlight and only comes out of the swamp to eat scraps or discarded food at night. Likes dark corners and listening to sad metal or gothic music. Seldom seen in daylight, or while showering. Unclean. 2.Dirty person. 3.Insult usually directed at males and masculine women (in Community Dictionary, added by Desmond Odom)