Rasta pasta means: Jamaican version of Jumbalaya. Rasta pasta is a mixture of different pastas. Although you don’t need to use a specific pasta, shells or stuffed pasta such gnocchi, tortellini, and some light seasoning like Asian rice are recommended. It is common to use Alfredo sauce. This sauce is great with asparagus and litmosas. (in Community Dictionary, added by Makaila Guerrero)

What else does Rasta pasta mean?

  • The slang of Marijuana (in Community Dictionary, added by Zygomatic)
  • Party where people smoke from various types of glass smoke apparatuses and smoke blunts. Also, they eat different types of munchie food at stations. Each station has about 10-15 grams. All guests are then free to enjoy Italian cuisine after the sticky icky has been smoked. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rayan Fox)
  • It is a dish from Italy. It is very popular in Jamaica. It is said that Bob Marley used to eat it daily. It contains tomato sauce and macaroni. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mercedes Medina)