Rambo means: UK slang refers to a large, combat-style knife such as the one in the Rambo movie. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lia Brady)

What else does Rambo mean?

  • Imagine this: A single man in the middle of a forest, facing at least 50 men. Now imagine the most manly guy that you could think of. Multiply it by 10, and you’ll get rambo. (in Community Dictionary, added by Snollygoster)
  • You can use the live to carry out an all-out assault on superior numbers. Most commonly seen online in first-person shooter games. (in Community Dictionary, added by Spuddle)
  • 1. American afghanistan hero. South-vietnamese: A true kickass superhero. 2. The communists are in trouble with the soviet Russians, North Vietnamese, Chinese, and North-Koreans. 3. He is the man most feared in China, North Korea and North Korea because he wants to kick their arse. 4. Perfect man for the job. 5. A man who can handle either a minigun or a chain gun well. 6. Kim, a man from north korea that is afraid and wets his pants because he’s scared. 7. One man who can kill another man before he can even screem. 8. Some muscly vet who lives in the U.S.A. 9. An example of a man who wears an untucked piece of red clothing, given to him by his girlfriend in vietnam. 10. One man who will protect Taiwan from China 11. Alternative to nuclear weapons or atomic bombs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Magdalena Watson)
  • A powerful action movie about a Vietnam vet who has to be expelled from his hometown. Rambo uses his military skills to defeat the police in a handful of towns using his naked hands, a cow and a machine pistol with almost unlimited ammunition. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenna Hughes)