rainbow kiss means: If the gurl is on her period, it’s when you have sex. Each partner suckers the blood of the gurl and cum in their mouths. Then they French kiss and swallow the Remenants. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zaniyah Lawrence)

What else does rainbow kiss mean?

  • The male takes one mouthful of the girl’s blood and performs oral sex during a girls menstruation. The male performs oral sex while the female takes blood from his mouth. The two then share a passionate kiss and secretions of their bodies through a kiss. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elisa Gallego)
  • It is possible to perform 69 when a woman has her period. The woman is ejaculated by the man and they kiss. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eduvigis Caballero)
  • The guy basically gives the girl his mouthpiece while she subscribes to her monthly rags. He simultaneously takes her head until he puts his weight in her mouth. After they’ve had a good taste of one another’s bodily fluids for a while, the participants can enjoy passionate kisses and other sensations. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenley Lambert)
  • The term actually refers to cunilingus, which is performed on a female menstruating woman. This can be followed often by oral swapping of semen or bloodother secretions. HOMOGONS have NOTHING to relate. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ceferino Santiago)
  • A guy who gives his head to a woman while she’s having her period. He gets all of the blood from his lips. A girl will give a man his head and get cum in her eyes. When the boygirl is covered in bloodcum, they can kiss one another. (in Community Dictionary, added by Riley Gay)
  • This is something that’s never been done anywhere. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cocksure)