Quong means: Two cool guys have created a drinking game. It’s a mix of quaters and beer pong. Set up keg cups the same way as beer pong. Instead of using pingpong balls, you can use quaters. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ephebiatrics)

What else does Quong mean?

  • The term Quong refers to the social benefits that come with a high level of social standing in a society. It can be used to denote power, wealth and recognition. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gage Ferrell)
  • Three pimps and one dame make up a drinking game. Make small cups, preferably Dixie(tm), cups. The miniature cupsthe shot glasses onesthe small ones. Use quarters, nickels, and dimes. Play it as if you were playing beer pong, but without pennies or pesos. 1. Double bounces are 2 cups, just as two shots of Jell-o count for 2 2. After 2 or more bounces, you can throw the coin. 3. Have fun. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rowan Roy)
  • One subject inhales marijuana smoke while another takes air. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kittiwake)