quone means: Unmedically serve. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gary Barr)

What else does quone mean?

  • In an episode of Seinfeld, Quone was used to describe a nonword that is played in Scrabble. This definition was submitted to Merriam Webster and Hasbro, who are the makers of The Scrabble Players Dictionary. Although your other definitions are excellent, they do not appear in any medical dictionary. This definition is likely to have a function in a dictionary, as it describes an everyday situation, such “wipeout”, in surfing, and “misdeal”, in cards. There’s no current listing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Faith Conrad)
  • Medicine: V. to perform an act upon a patient who is difficult. (in Community Dictionary, added by KayylinZho)
  • An acronym invented in the “The Stakeout” episode of “Seinfeld,” “quone” is a term Mrs. Seinfeld used in Scrabble. Jerry found it to be an incorrect word. Kramer maintains that the term means “to sedate”. It remains to be determined if this term has been modified. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicole Robinson)
  • The medical term. You must confront a difficult patient. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ildefonso Herrera)