Queeve means: K-weev Noun. – This is a type of fart..that comes from a woman…usually during sexual intercourse.. When pockets of air become trapped in her holy land…they sometimes pop ….sounding a bit like a fart, but it’s not. (in Community Dictionary, added by Miah Schneider)

What else does Queeve mean?

  • An anal retentive is an individual who is tightened. Also available in the adjectival version queevish (in Community Dictionary, added by Aliya Werner)
  • Verb. To expulse air from the vaginal cavity; to quease. The verb form “queeve” of the noun “queef,” is “queeve,” cf. “believe””belief”, “grieve””grief”, etc. Past tense past participle: “quiven”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ernesto White)