Queener means: A sexy human male who is so infatuated by his female partner that he takes up feminine activities with much enthusiasm and conviction. A queener engages in activities like horseback riding or cookware shopping. His testosterone quickly disappears, and he is too depressed to hope for ever recovering his masculinity. The term “queen” is from a man who subjugates his wife by bowing and groveling to all her demands, regardless of whether it causes him pain or dissatisfaction. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bethany Dominguez)

What else does Queener mean?

  • Unmarried male who hates Asian food and has brain farts constantly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ace Hanson)
  • When a queef occurs during sex. Queener = Queef + the Wiener (in Community Dictionary, added by Krista Hurst)
  • One who attempts to impress girls with heel clicking and wearing the same shirt every day. His only friends are the ugly girls who think he is cute. He walks on his tiptoes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yamilet Willis)
  • Queener refers to a New York resident who was born in Queens. They are usually depraved homosexual males who have very small phallic appsendages. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brady Griffin)
  • A person who is gaystupid. Queer+weiner = queen of the queer. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ananías Cano)