qanat means: Ah is a really sloppy version. (in Community Dictionary, added by Christine Woodard)

What else does qanat mean?

  • * In Persia, an irrigation system called the Qanat was in place as early as 3000 BC. Qanats can be described as underground tunnels with water-carrying canals in their floors. Regularly, well-like openings run from the top to the floor of the tunnel. It is through these openings that tunnels are constructed and maintained. * 22,000 Qanats can still operate in Iran today because of its underground location. * Qanats are originating in the highlands. The mother shaft is as deep as 400m and the tunnel floor slopes slightly toward its destination. This can reach 160 kms. * A qanat is able to draw water from underground aquifers, which is why a surface stream or river is unnecessary. It can travel straight because it is independent from the surfaces. To reduce water loss, the water-carrying canals in Qanats were often lined with tile or stone. * Water control was a critical issue in Persian agriculture. Documents show that Darius, Xerxes authorized the construction of qanats in Manawir in Egypt as a way to boost agricultural production. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yasmin Ferrell)
  • N. An entirely cheap-ass term to be used in Scrabble. It will piss off everyone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Oviferous)