pwomp means: Pah-wa-mm-pa Old English “pwomper doodle” (or “pwompernickel sandwich”) 1. When used with no object, a verb A “person of weight” who is fat and falls down or sits. One person of wight who collides with another. Squish is another term. 2. – noun The antics of someone of wight fat make a loud and/or pimping sound. 3. Alternative Definitions A chodler making contact with any foreign object. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adan Thomas)

What else does pwomp mean?

  • Two fat men are doing it in a doggy fashion and they lose their balance. They fall from the bed and smash into each other. You can use it when you are mash two items together. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amani Shaffer)
  • Fat people can accidentally bump into one another, which causes them to lose their food. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kamryn Benjamin)
  • This happens when there are two obese people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lainey Tucker)
  • 1. Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock says “It happens when two fat men…bring hands together in slow clap fashion.” 2. This word can be used to express a sense of dissatisfaction or giving up. (in Community Dictionary, added by Corinne Barajas)