puta madre means: Because you explain what the phrase means, it is the only spanish expression your friends will use. This phrase is used to insult spanish speakers living in the region. (in Community Dictionary, added by Conrado Díaz)

What else does puta madre mean?

  • Spanish’s Castilian term for “fuck” and “madre”, which is spanish for mother, is used in Spanish. English uses “switches” to replace the adjective with the noun “puta madre”, meaning “mother fucker”. The meaning of “puta”, when used in conjunction with words, can vary. Words with an a at their ends can refer to women as bitches or whores. Usually the combination with the noun is called puta madre and is directed towards men. It doesn’t matter if the exclamation is directed at someone, it will be considered an offense. The word is Spanish’s most used swear word. It is as misused as “fuck” in English. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lydia Martinez)
  • This style is used mainly in Peru to express anger and disbelief. People may say “puta”, but if you add “madre,” it makes the statement more direct. Literally, it means “mom-whore” – chat abbv. : “pm” It is a Spanish version of “Holy Shit” as spoken by English speakers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Samara Elliott)
  • Spanish slang The Spanish slang for “Puta” is roughly “fuck”, or “bitch,” while “madre”, means “mother.” These two words together become an expletive that means “holy shit” and “mother fucker.” If the “la” (meaning “the”) is added to “la puta madre” at the beginning, it is a high compliment. This is similar to calling something the bomb or the shit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tatiana Key)