Pussification means: All our technological advances make us less. (in Community Dictionary, added by Desmond Odom)

What else does Pussification mean?

  • The millenialgen Z generation is a term that was used mainly by elderly, bitter men. The term refers to the fact that younger generations have become too dependent on their parents to manage stressful situations and develop a work ethic. The older people who used this term believe that younger generations have been taught to be proud of themselves, regardless of how much they can work. They also think that it is wrong to assume that all young people are compulsive loyal to their superiors. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chance Sparks)
  • Suffering from the pussy is death. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaelynn Moss)
  • Transformation of someone or something from being a strong fighter or unit into a cozy, comfortable pussy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Josiah Freeman)
  • This is a George Carlin quote, which refers to the reverse of roles and attitudes of American men due to their being too “politically correct.” “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zacarías Delgado)
  • A state in which a man loses all control of his relationship with a female. A man who becomes his partner’s personal nanny. The point at which a man becomes obsessed with his partner is when he begins to think of new ways to please him. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amber Bradshaw)
  • The state where a society is becoming less and less difficult to live in. George Carlin, a comedian famous for inventing this noun. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elena Peña)