Pusscakes means: It is usually performed by at least 2 persons. You can have as many or few people involved as you like, but it must involve at least one female. Level of difficulty: Very easy Step 1. Place a woman on her back at a kitchen table. Step 2: The female places both her fingers on her outside pussy and presses them together. This causes the pussy close to her lips and the entire body to touch one another, mimicking pancakes. Optional Step: Have one person use their thwirling finger to spread butter all over the pussy Step 3: All other people involved must ejaculate onto syrup representing the pussy Step 4: One person sits down in a chair and places a napkin under their legs. The other people watch as they eat the pusscakes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Borja Romero)

What else does Pusscakes mean?

  • A pussy. . . Not girls with genitals, not a cat. Person who is too scared to do something. This is used when someone is mad or rejected. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carmelo Beard)