purple penguin means: Four people whose first names begin with the letters e,sm, and a. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maeve Allison)

What else does purple penguin mean?

  • Someone to fool with, to make them go mad. This is the name of the purple penguin concept art Blizzard kept secret on their website before launching Diablo 3. (in Community Dictionary, added by Vaughn Brown)
  • This penguin is a special breed that has been bred for dominance. Wal Mart usually stocks purple penguins from November to April. Ask to view behind-the-counter merchandise. You can buy wholesale and regular. Purple penguins can be demanding and require a lot of attention. WANT TO CONQUER ALL THINGS AND WILL NOT BE SUSPENDED. Be careful when you use spoons in the presence of purple penguins as spoons can be their favorite weapon. You should never threaten, challenge, or tease a purple penguin. They have invaded Britain and raped all Canadians with knives, taken all the kangaroos from Australia and made moccasins and coats to go to Russia to steal vodka. According to reports, they are headed towards Belgium chocolate and Belgia waffles. (in Community Dictionary, added by Myah Lee)