Purple Goat means: Bob, the Purple Goat is a one-to-infinite character. Bob will be around as long as there are people who can count. Matt (AKA GwdxGwdx) created Bob the Purple Goat. Bob originally was intended to serve as the foundation of a story about a talking horse and an elderly woman. Bob was eaten by the talking pony and died in this story. Bob continued to be used for many stories and jokes. He was also used as part of roleplays. Bob’s Purple Goat will always take his place if he dies. Although it may seem like he is from nowhere, this new Bob actually comes from somewhere. It just so happens that it isn’t there. If you need more information, contact Gwd. Three Bob’s are worth special mention. 15-year old, who was an idiot. 13-year-old, who was AmyChibi Monkey’s gift. AmyChibi Monkey was the victim of Bad Luck, jinxing, and was very fast. The number three was 42. 42Forty-Two was the most powerful of all Bobs. 42 is a demi-god from the Purple Goat line and will be highly worshipped. Matt (AKA GwdxGwdx) created Bob the Purple Goat. Anybody who uses any Purple Goat should be immediately punished. No matter how they are renamed, anyone who uses Purple Goats in any form other than Matt’s is probably not Bob and is not worthy of a single mention. The only exception for the use of Bob the Purple Goat is Trish, AKA AngelAku_ItatchiA-Chan who has permission and full rights to the use of Bob. Bob was 36 at the time of writing this definition. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brady Galloway)