Punta Gorda Middle School means: The school has good teachers, but bad students. Students do well academically due to the amazing job the teachers do. However, they can be very cliquish with each other. This school is exemplary because of its teachers, and not because of the students who are apathetic. Sorry to all the students who are not respectable at school. I truly feel sorry. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eden Robles)

What else does Punta Gorda Middle School mean?

  • Punta Gorda School, Florida is home to some of Florida’s most irritating administrators. They will write you up for stepping on the wrong side or hugging too much. The PGMS also has a lot of whiny guidance counselors who complain constantly about their miserable lives. Punta Gorda Middle School teachers believe they are the greatest thing that has ever happened to them, with most sharing a lot about their lives. I am amazed that most of the employees at PGMS can breathe after so much. This band continues to fail Charlotte High School and is an absolute joke. An average amount of Emos thinks they live the most miserable lives and feel very unhappy about the situation. They are also known to be the rednecks who go hunting, mudding and don’t care what other people do. Charlotte High School is worse. There are also the preppy boys and jockish girls, and then there is the remainder. Even though Cooper Street is very near, there’s a low number of ghetto children. It feels and looks like prison. The building is three stories tall and it is quite difficult to climb those steps several times per day in order to reach your classes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lilyana Hamilton)