punky means: Punky is pretty. Punky is intelligent. Punky is creative. Punky is generous. Punky loves to be loved. Punky is faithful. Punky is one of the most incredible people you’ll ever meet. She has her own issues but she makes everyone smile. She is hype, fucking crazy and has deep green eyes. Her eyelashes are long and thick. She has bangs and curly hair. When she’s drinking, she is a party girl. She is protective of her best friend. She will not let anyone stop her spiritually, mentally or physically. She can be a little bit of an angus butcher sometimes, and her anger can reach levels that go beyond 0 to threatening life. She will fight for you through thick and thin. (in Community Dictionary, added by Emely Stafford)

What else does punky mean?

  • Beer is punky beer, also known as brewster. (in Community Dictionary, added by Malapropism)
  • This is a term that describes someone who dresses and speaks like a woman, but has deep voices. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alannah Monroe)
  • To have punk-like or punk fashion. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaylynn Nelson)
  • An affection directed at a punk. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fardingbag)
  • You are at the brink of becoming sick from the flu/cold. Old San Francisco slang If you feel punky you don’t feel up to it – this is a feeling of being down. Sometimes abbreviated to punk, i.e. Feeling punk. (in Community Dictionary, added by Philip Houston)