Pulling A Josh means: If you are aware of the potential negative consequences of an event, it is better to take action than avoid. Someone who is unable to will themselves to die. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gordon Hunter)

What else does Pulling A Josh mean?

  • A person who takes a contrary position on any topic in order to cause an argument. A person who pulls a Josh doesn’t care much about the topic being debated and is more likely to play the devil’s advocate just for their own pleasure. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zaiden Casey)
  • When you make stupid comments after making a single statement, it is like pulling a Josh. (in Community Dictionary, added by Emanuel Underwood)
  • If you finger a girl too much, it can lead to you going too North in the pee hole and South into the asshole. The girl then asks you stop. This will result in you being heckled all your life, which could mean you never get a girlfriend. EVER. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lina Newton)