pulchritude means: A glow produced by a woman’s genitalia after they are fully full. The Aura of Arousal is also known. (in Community Dictionary, added by Urijah Gonzalez)

What else does pulchritude mean?

  • Pulchritude is a description of extreme beauty that creates an egregious state. Pulchritude does not refer to a combination of beauty or grotesqueness. Instead, these pulchritudinous objects and persons are grotesque because their beauty is so disconcerting that it repels others. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cael Snow)
  • This is perhaps the ironiest word in English. This awkward combination of consonants can be translated as “physically attractive” by few people. Anybody, regardless of their knowledge, should feel offended and violated when they are compared to this unambiguously ugly word or one of its variants. Sepulchritude is a highly destructive form of bodily pleasure. It is quite amazing to pull off an act of it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yadira Moyer)
  • The word “pulchritude” means beauty. When someone is pulchritudinous, they are considered beautiful. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zoey Sanford)