Pukak means: You are the kind of drinker who doesn’t care whether your head is in the port-a potty. You’re on a Vegas vacation with some of your closest friends, and you don’t know their names. You can throw up at the carnival bar, or you may forget your wallet in Outback. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mylie Cortez)

What else does Pukak mean?

  • In the Iban Language of Borneo, a “cunt” (or”vagina). Similar to the English “cunt”, it is used for insulting people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maritza Chaney)
  • – An inuit term for the snowy layer in which tiny mammals live during winter. It is a very odd-sounding word, which can be used in nearly any sentence provided that the meaning of its actual meaning is not known. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eschew)