puffy means: Vaginal weight of a female that is moderately to significantly overweight. (in Community Dictionary, added by Repetend)

What else does puffy mean?

  • It can be used to denote a noun, an adjective, a profanity, or a nickname. Noun = A very cool person. adjective=amazing profanity=synomyn for f Nickname = A nickname that describes someone who exemplifies puffy qualities, such as coolness, enthusiasm, and awesomeness. (in Community Dictionary, added by TreepMist)
  • Blowing Job. Eminem made an unusual quote in one his songs. You wotie bitch go puffy …” because you love and respect me. Everyone knows about puffiness because there is a saying. (in Community Dictionary, added by Killian Harrington)
  • Someone who has large muscles but not enough muscle. The person looks swollen everywhere. But not necessarily obese. Consuming too many protein shakes, without doing proper exercise, can lead to this. (in Community Dictionary, added by César Alonso)
  • Massive friggin nipples. (in Community Dictionary, added by Haven Miranda)