Psychotic Bitch means: This is not your typical bitch. You’ll be a complete maniac if you make a mistake. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dario Molina)

What else does Psychotic Bitch mean?

  • If someone acts insane and is a PMS bitch. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anne Blankenship)
  • An out-of-control woman, who acts out and is always acting psychotic. They are most likely to act out when they disagree with your opinion. Psychotic bitch Syndrome is a condition that affects jealous girlfriends, exgirlfriends and friends as well as crazy mothers. They don’t like the truth being told to them. They will make the victim rip off their hair and use horrible threats to attack them if they are confronted. They enjoy making people suffer, often verbally. Their self-confidence was built by bringing down others. Psychotic little girls like to think they’re always right. They are often insecure and ugly, or both, they can be damaged and even sick. You should seek immediate treatment if you suspect that your psychotic behavior is a problem. You must take care of yourself and others. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rodrigo Romero)
  • You meet a woman for casual sex and she becomes clingy obsessed stalker. Who won’t let you go. (in Community Dictionary, added by Edmundo Santiago)
  • 1. An angry woman, who is stressed or has hard PMS. She becomes a psychotic bitch and destroys all and everything in her way. She has gone from being a woman into a psychotic little girl. Notice: It is an indicator that a woman may become a psychotic bitch. Any excuse is enough to make you want to leave. (in Community Dictionary, added by Inocencio Delgado)