Proxymoron means: N. prox*y*mo*ron A person who is stupid; an idiot on the Internet. Even though they have had a computer for many years, this person might not be able to understand how it works. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aliya Werner)

What else does Proxymoron mean?

  • Proxymoron can be described as a proxy-based moron Proxy 1. The agency, function or power of someone authorized to act in the capacity of substitute or deputy for another. 2. The person who has been nominated authorized; substitute; agent. 3. A written authorization authorizing another person to vote for or act on behalf of the signer. For example, at a stockholders meeting. A friend or confederate that can speak on one’s behalf. Moron 1. A person with a remarkable lack of good judgement or a notable amount of stupidity. 2. Psychology. A person with a borderline intelligence, a previous classification of mental retardation. They have an intelligence quotient between 50 and 69. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lyric Conner)