Prostalgia means: N. A renaissance in culture and technology from the mid-19th to late 20th centuries, which was followed by “Prostalgia”, or “Prostalgics.” The culture movement is modernized with contemporary accommodations and is located in Baltimore and Washington DC, major Hipster hotspots. This movement is the older brother to the hipster movement. What to do if you suspect a prostalgic individual. Their music preferences, their clothes, and overall appearance are similar to your grandfather’s when you were younger. They are often confused with hipsters. However, these people can be mistaken for prostalgics. Prostalgic people will maintain old values and live a traditional lifestyle, using only modern conveniences when absolutely necessary. Hipsters are more influenced by the old ways of life, while prostalgic individuals tend to be connoisseurs and experts of class. The pure breakdown of prostalgic individuals to common people. Avg. Avg. Hipsters: 80 Modern, 15 Vintage, and 5 Starbucks Prostalgics – +70 vintage, 30 modern This is an example where a Prostalgic has been recognized in a café. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alexis Hodges)