pros from dover means: A term used in American slang for consultants outside of a company who come into the business to solve and troubleshoot problems. This term is derived from Richard Hooker’s 1968 book MASH. Hawkeye, the fictional character in the novel, is said to have used the disguise of a pro golfer from Dover to gain free entry to the courses. Hawkeye would confidently walk into the pro shop and smile. He’d comment on the good condition of the course. Then he would explain that he was just passing by, that he was Joe Dave, Jack Somebody or Jack Somebody from Dover. Eight times out of ten this resulted in a free invitation to play. He became the professional from Dover (New Hampshire), Massachusetts, New Jersey and New Jersey. Or Dover-Foxcroft (Maine) if he was forced to talk. The following exchange occurs later in the book when Hawkeye, Trapper, a fellow surgeon, are summoned from Korea to Tokyo for surgery on the son of a Congressman. Trapper replied, “All right. “Somebody should take the most recent pictures of the kid who has the fragmented shell in his chest. Nobody moved. Hawkeye yelled, “Snap it Up!” Hawkeye yelled, “We are the pros of Dover and the last images we saw must have been forty-eight hour old.” The latter exchange occurs again in 1970’s movie. However, the meaning of pros from Dover in the script isn’t explained. People who saw the film but had not read it understood that Hawkeye used the term to refer to outside expertsconsultants. This was referring to an old trick he ran. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aedan Mcguire)